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    Women's Day Celebration for
    Empowerment of Marginalized Communities
    in Bangalore

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    Project Swacch - Soap Training - Bangalore Chapter (Women's Day Celebration for Empowerment of Marginalized Communities )


    In the bustling city of Bangalore, where progress and development often overshadow the struggles of marginalized communities, initiatives like the one conducted by Khushbu Kumari, Director and Mentor at MG Social Care Foundation, stand out as rays of hope. On the occasion of Women’s Day, Khushbu organized a unique event aimed at celebrating womanhood while equipping underprivileged women with practical skills for economic empowerment.

    Project Overview: Women’s Day Celebration cum Soap Making Training

    • Project Name: Project Swacch
    • Location: Maduranagar, Bangalore
    • Venue: Household venue 
    • Date: March 10, 2024

    Soap Training Bangalore

    The Dual Objective

    The event was meticulously planned with a dual objective in mind: to celebrate International Women’s Day and to provide hands-on training in soap making. Recognizing the importance of practical skills in enhancing economic opportunities for marginalized women, Khushbu and her team organized these two events simultaneously, maximizing the impact of their efforts.

    The Participants

    Nineteen women from underprivileged backgrounds, including maids, wives of auto drivers, and unskilled laborers, enthusiastically participated in the event. Their eagerness to learn and improve their circumstances was quite inspiring.

    Empowerment Through Learning

    Khushbu, serving both as the host and the trainer for the soap making session, commenced the event with an introductory speech. Mr. Chandan Kumar, husband of Khushbu Kumari, also delivered a motivational address, emphasizing the importance of empowerment in the journey towards gender equality. The women’s enthusiasm and interest were evident throughout the event, reflecting their determination to acquire new skills and opportunities.

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    Project Swacch Soap Making Bangalore 12

    Project Swacch Soap Making Bangalore 1

    Hands-On Experience

    The highlight of the event was the hands-on soap making training. Guided by Khushbu and her team, the participants learned the intricacies of soap making, from selecting ingredients to the actual production process. This practical experience not only equipped them with a valuable skill but also instilled confidence in their ability to pursue entrepreneurial ventures in the future.

    Closing Ceremony

    As the event drew to a close, the participants were rewarded for their efforts with homemade soaps bearing the foundation’s logo. These tokens of appreciation not only symbolized their achievement but also served as a reminder of the support available to them through initiatives like MG Social Care Foundation.


    Khushbu Kumari’s initiative exemplifies the spirit of Women’s Day by celebrating womanhood and empowering marginalized communities in Bangalore. Through practical training and motivational support, she is paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society where every woman has the opportunity to thrive. As we reflect on another Women’s Day, let us draw inspiration from initiatives like this and reaffirm our commitment to empowering all from all walks of life.

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