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    Meet our Mentor Khushbu Kumari

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    Meet our Mentor: Khushbu Kumari

    Beyond home & kitchen: Khushbu Kumari's Journey of Social Work

    When job transitions are often intimidating, there are individuals like Khushbu Kumari who redefine success by their unwavering commitment to community empowerment. Khushbu has a broad professional history that includes work at reputed companies like Make My Trip, Accenture and Flipkart. When she left her corporate job, her path takes a distinctive turn. But what really makes her unique is her unwavering commitment to social work, especially in the areas of education and skill development in the state of Karnataka.


    From Corporate to Community: A Bold Transition

    Some may find Khushbu Kumari’s career path unusual, but it says a lot about her priorities that she chose to leave the corporate world and take on positions in her family and community. As a young girl, she had a great desire to fly across the world, which encouraged her to complete flight stewardess course. But unfortunately,  despite being trained as an airhostess, Khushbu didn’t pursue the opportunity because of her mother’s untimely death.  She started her initial career at Make my Trip and then moved over to other corporates. With marriage and motherhood, she made the brave decision to dedicate herself full-time to being a mother and homemaker after succeeding professionally at Accenture and Flipkart. But Khushbu discovered her love for social work and community development and didn’t limit herself to just household chores.

    Khushbu believed that prioritizing parenthood did not mean giving up on her desire to bring about social change. Rather, she devised creative means of combining her responsibilities as a mother with her advocacy for community development. She constantly sets an example for others, showing them the value of empathy, compassion, and service to others.

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    Mentor at MgSocialCare.org

    As Khushbu is involved with mgsocialcare.org, an organization that promotes social welfare and skill development programs, her influence goes beyond her local community. Her role as a mentor and director is crucial in forming the organization’s vision and strategy, guaranteeing its continued dedication to uplifting neglected communities and promoting long-lasting change.

    To Sum Up

    Khushbu Kumari’s journey is proof of the transformational power of empathy and willpower. She has improved the lives of numerous people and encouraged others to follow their passions for the benefit of society through her steadfast commitment to social work. Let her story serve as a reminder to us all of the enormous difference we can all make when we use our skills and resources to make the world a more just and compassionate place.

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