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    The Importance of Skill Training in
    Rural Development in India

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    The Importance of Skill Training in Rural Development in India  

    Rural communities constitute approximately two-thirds of India’s population. In these rural communities, there lies an immense potential of economic growth and opportunity. With the aid of skill training, we can empower rural communities towards financial growth and independence. Skill training and upskilling can enable rural development in a plethora of factors. At MG SocialCare, we focus on providing skill trainings to beneficiaries who want to gain financial independence. In this article, we explore why and how these skill trainings can prove to be beneficial.

    Importance of Skill Training in Rural Development in India


    Since there is a lack of quality education that can equip the rural youth with the necessary skills and knowledge to move forward and become financially independent, there is a large gap between present skills and actual job demand. There is also a variety of factors at play, such as girls dropping out of school, no awareness regarding job market etc. which hampers the skill development of the rural youth having great potential. MG SocialCare offers skill training that can bridge this gap and enable more rural youth towards employment opportunities.

    Economic Growth

    Rural communities that receive skill training can open up a path to individual financial freedom and economic growth of the entire community. By sharpening their skillset and aligning it with the market demands, rural communities can also be empowered to set up small enterprises of their own.


    With the advent of accessible technology, many small businesses and enterprises use social media and messenger services such as Whatsapp and Instagram as a medium to market and sell their products. It is important for rural communities to have a hold on basic technological skills to connect with the business world and possible customers. Technology also facilitates easy and remote purchases that can be made through direct contact with the seller (individual belonging to a rural community). Providing these IT skills is hence a bridge towards enabling individual financial freedom.

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    An increasingly high percentage of individuals belonging to rural areas have access to a smartphone which can be used to facilitate remote learning. The vast amount of content available on the internet, with highly targeted videos and skill courses, is a very valuable tool in the arsenal of skill training. Using e-learning services, rural communities can remotely gain access to marketable skill development.


    In areas where traditional jobs are prevalent, skill training can provide additional skills that can increase the productivity of these jobs. Fields such as agriculture, construction, local handicrafts etc. can all benefit from additional skill training of the workforce. Subjects such as new technology, sustainable practices, and marketing can uplift the current jobs and provide higher income, productivity, and economic stability.

    To Sum Up

    Skill training can foster self-sufficiency and confidence, leading to community development. Overall, it is a key driver for the personal growth, economic progress, and financial freedom of India’s large rural population.

    MG SocialCare offers skill training pan-India by conducting workshops such as Batik paint, candle making, soap making, Madhubani painting etc. It has empowered individuals and communities and enhanced their abilities and knowledge, enabling them to secure better employment opportunities. Skill training provided to the rural workforce by our organisation is highly inclusive of underprivileged and marginalised groups.

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