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    Privacy Policy


    MG SocialCare values your privacy and maintains the strictest of confidentiality regarding any financial information pertaining to any transaction you may have with the Foundation. Furthermore, MG SocialCare does not divulge the phone numbers or email addresses of any of its supporters or funders.

    All contributions made in support of the Foundation’s goals are greatly appreciated. We uphold the following policies to safeguard our contributors’ privacy and their unique relationship with MG SocialCare:

    • In order to collect donations for MG SocialCare, we may ask for personal information online, like name, address, phone number, email address, and UPI/credit card number.
    • Without your permission, we won’t share or utilize this information for any other reason.
    • We don’t exchange or sell your personal data to other businesses.
    • We provide contributors the choice to remain anonymous.
    • Donors have the option to unsubscribe from our solicitations at any time.
    • We don’t keep track of, gather, or share any personal data submitted by website/app visitors.

    What data we gather

    • We utilize the personal data that we get from contributors to handle payments, stay in touch with them regarding MG SocialCare, and carry out fundraising and other socialwelfare-related activities. Name, donation amount, address, phone number, donor remarks, email address, and any other personal data that the donor provides to us (collectively, “Donor Data”) may be included in this information. Donor Data also includes the information that is available on checks made out for donations.
    • Details from Other Service Providers and Payment Processors: Donors can make electronic contributions through payment processors by utilizing a credit card, payment services account, or other payment option. 
    • We collaborate with service providers to give donors the best experience possible, and we may exchange or have information communicated through them, including Donor Data. These service providers include companies that assist non-profits with fundraising as well as collocation facilities and bandwidth suppliers.

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