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    About MG SocialCare Foundation

    MG SocialCare Foundation was launched to create an equitable society that systematically addresses issues around livelihood, jobs, skill training, and preserving ancient arts

    We want to create a society that thrives on equality, inclusivity, and empowerment.

    Who We Are

    About Us

    A  dedicated platform committed to transforming the lives of individuals and communities through varied skill development and training programs. 

    We strive to make a positive impact on the well-being of  individuals from all walks of life, without discrimination based on gender, age, social status, or physical abilities.

    An empowerment platform for housewives, Sr citizens, differently-abled, transgenders and the underprivileged. 

    We are more than a philanthropic organization – we want  to create a social ecosystem based on the values of trust, honesty, transparency, sincerity and partnership, bringing people from all walks of life together to improve the lives of many, to transform people’s way of living, create an equitable economy with opportunities for all.

    An NGO with a difference


    Our Objective

    We aim to be one of the country’s biggest opportunity creator for those individuals who for some reasons or the other could not move out of their house or could not pursue their dreams for societal obligations and other reasons. Our objective is to empower those sections of people who have talent but do not get the right opportunities and training to start their own avenues for income generation. We provide skill-based opportunities after proper skill training by our experts. WE CREATE, NURTURE & EMPOWER


    Mission Statement

    Our Mission is to provide a robust institutional framework to implement skilling activities & training PAN India to fulfil the gap between demand and supply. Our mission is to impart skill training and knowledge sharing that effectively help the participants to get suitable  opportunities, thereby  get a chance to be financially independent. 


    Our Vision

    Well-defined vision of changing the attitude of our society , specially among women, differently-abled people, senior citizens, transgenders in their relations, employment , freedom and the overall space they deserve

    Skill Training

    Training & skill development that allow an individual to learn, grow, upgrade his or her ability and contribute to the family.

    Skill Training

    Community Empowerment

    Building strong communities through support & collaboration. Extending a helping hand to housewives, Sr citizens, differently-abled & transgender communities.

    Community Empowerment

    Arts & Crafts Revival

    Preserving and promoting ancient arts and crafts for cultural enrichment. Skill training provided for our artisans to upgrade and empower

    Arts & Crafts Revival

    Financial Independence

    Empowering with skill training – the key to unlocking financial independence and paving a path to success

    Financial Independence

    Our Team

    Meet Our Social Workers

    Smriti Bhatia

    Smriti Bhatia

    Director & COO
    A versatile professional, a chocolate artisan crafting delectable delights, a writer, a TEDx speaker inspiring audiences, an IT professional, a mentor guiding others, and a skill trainer dedicated to social services.
    Mamta Singh Deo

    Mamta Singh Deo

    Director & CEO
    A seasoned social entrepreneur, with over 20 years of corporate experience, bringing a blend of legal and HR expertise, aiming to create positive change through innovative solutions & strategic leadership
    Saudamini Singh

    Saudamini Singh

    Director & Head (Uttar Pradesh)
    A specialist in new business development and corporate training, a certified trainer for leadership and emotional intelligence, essentially involved in training for effective leadership.
    Khushbu Kumari

    Khushbu Kumari

    Director & Head (Karnataka)
    With a professional background from Accenture and Flipkart, transitioned into the roles of homemaker, home chef, and home tutor while actively engaging in social work.
    Rina Munshi

    Rina Munshi

    Mentor - Delhi NCR
    With over 18 years of dedicated experience as an educator, has been passionately shaping the minds of students, not just for academic success, but for life itself.
    Bivash Chowdhuri

    Bivash Chowdhuri

    Mentor - West Bengal
    A passionate social entrepreneur, actively engaged in initiatives aimed at fostering self-reliance, skill development, and overall community upliftment in West Bengal
    Lalji Bhai Patel

    Lalji Bhai Patel

    Mentor - Gujarat
    A committed social entrepreneur involved in diverse initiatives, particularly in the realm of rural development, aiming to uplift and empower communities in Gujarat.
    Amit Kumar Singh

    Amit Kumar Singh

    Mentor - Bihar
    A dedicated social worker and mentor, empowering communities in Bihar through diverse training programs.

    Our Values

    Equality and Inclusivity

    No matter what their background, age, gender, status is - our skill training programmes are for all - creating an all inclusive atmosphere and equitable possibilities.

    Skill Development

    We believe in the transforming power of skill development, which enables people to realise their full potential, accomplish their objectives, and positively impact society.

    Compassion and Care

    Our actions are motivated by compassion and guided by a strong desire to see the development of the people and communities we serve.

    Integrity and Transparency

    We embrace the highest standards of honesty, integrity, transparency in all aspects of our business operations to foster confidence and accountability in all our endeavors

    Stage-wise work process for MG SocialCare

    How we work?

    A typical and successful method for working on various tasks and projects is the staged approach, sometimes known as working in stages. Keeping this strategy in mind, all our social care projects are divided into various stages or phases, each with specific goals and deliverables. Here is a quick view on our stage-by-stage work process…

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    A social welfare community

    Create, Nurture & Empower We create opportunities for many through skill training - especially for women, Sr citizens, transgenders & differently-abled

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    MGSocialCare.org provides people from all walks of life with business and empowerment opportunities through varied skill training programs.

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