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    Unveiling the Multifaceted Journey of Bivash Bishnu Chowdhury

    Meet our Mentor: Bivash Bishnu Chowdhury

    Bridging Theatre, Art, and Social Change

    Within the dynamic fields of social welfare and the arts, people frequently stand out as inspirational role models who skillfully combine their love of the arts with a strong dedication to improving the society. The mentor of mgsocialcare.org's West Bengal chapter, Bivash Bishnu Chowdhury, personifies this combination of compassion and inventiveness. Meet our Mentor Bivash Chowdhury whose unwavering efforts is having a profound impact on the social and cultural spheres.

    Multifaceted Personality

    Bivash’s skill set is broad, multifaced and includes work as a social worker, researcher, theater practitioner, and networker. His broad participation in theatre groups/organizations/institutions has given him a comprehensive grasp of oriental art and theater, with an emphasis on indigenous customs. Besides theater, Bivash’s background in film acting and editorial work for peer-reviewed publications highlight his intelligence and adaptability.


    Learning from the Masters

    Bivash’s path to artistic brilliance has been influenced by his partnerships with renowned directors both domestically and internationally.
    He has received mentoring from well-known individuals like R. Ramanujam, Ratan Thiyam, Prabir Guha, S Pralayan, Mangai, and Zairo Vergo Fruto, who have helped him develop creative theatrical concepts and techniques.

    Social Worker

    Bivash’s approach to social work is characterized by empathy, creativity , and a strong conviction in the transformational potential of the arts. He keeps pushing for good change, whether it is via theatrical productions that depicts social standards or neighborhood-based programs that provide voice to the marginalized communities. 

    He has led a number of initiatives that have empowered underprivileged groups. His recent participation in a rigorous one-month batik painting workshop at Santiniketan, organized by MGSocialCare.Org is worth mentioning. By giving the underprivileged women the chance to learn this age-old art form, he not only taught them useful skills but also made them feel proud of and independent of themselves. 

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    To sum up

    In his capacity as a mentor in the West Bengal Division of mgsocialcare.org, Bivash plays a pivotal role. He instills in others the value of using art as a vehicle for social change via his mentoring and leadership.

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