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    Improving the lives of many

    Growth opportunities for all

    Housewives, Sr. Citizens, Transgenders, Differently-abled & the under-privileged

    We create, nurture and empower

    Develop New Skills or Enhance Your Skills

    We are focussed towards fostering growth and empowerment through innovative approaches and varied skill training programs

    Arts & Crafts Revival

    Tradition Meets Innovation to Empower Artisans

    Empowering artisans and craftsman through skill training

    Shop Handmade: Empowering lives

    Our e-commerce store for handmade local products

    Our online shop provides customers with fresh and interesting handmade gift items

    Who we are

    A social care foundation to create an equitable society that systematically addresses issues around livelihood, skills, opportunities & growth

    Growth Opportunities for all

    Our Services

    We focus on growth and empowerment, creating opportunities and nurturing potential. 

    Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve

    Skill Training

    Kickstart a career as a trainer, empowering others while shaping your own path. Upgrade your skills and embrace the artisan within, paving the way towards financial freedom.

    Skill Training

    Arts & Crafts

    Empowering artisans through skill training, preserving heritage crafts and creating a path towards sustainable livelihoods.

    Arts & Crafts Revival in India


    About MG SocialCare FOundation

    An empowerment platform for all - through skill training

    A platform for transformational empowerment, MGSocialCare.org provides people from all walks of life with business and empowerment opportunities. Our goal is to empower people to realise their potential and accomplish their objectives by offering appropriate training and skill development.

    Who We Are

    What We Provide

    By providing our community with the skills and knowledge required for both personal and professional growth through a wide choice of training programmes and carefully chosen skill development modules, we hope to promote an entrepreneurial and empowered culture. Come along with us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment where opportunities abound and success is within everyone's grasp.

    • Skill Training

      In order to ensure that no one is left behind in their pursuit of personal and professional development, our platform offers specialised skill training for every demography.

    • Financial Freedom

      Gain financial independence, confidence through our skill development programs that empowers you to a way for success and self-sufficiency.

    • Arts & Crafts Revival in India

      We at MGsocialcare.org are committed to using skill-training programs to revitalize and celebrate India’s rich legacy of arts and crafts

    Mg SocialCare FOundation

    Unleashing Potential - MG SocialCare Banner

    Why Us

    An NGO with a difference

    There is no greater joy nor a greater reward than to make a fundamental difference in someone's life

    Why Choose Us

    Our Mission

    We provide a robust institutional framework to implement skilling activities & training PAN India to fulfil the gap between demand and supply

    Growth Opportunities for all

    Expert Trainers & Social Workers

    We are supported by a team of professional experts & social workers who diligently work towards the betterment of the society as a whole

    Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve

    Create Nurture Empower

    Our experts provide training on various skills so as to make you a perfect fit for the work of your choice. We create, nurture & empower

    Making a meaningful difference in the lives of those we serve

    Create Nurture Empower

    Dedicated Teams

    Experienced mentors/trainers region wise to provide training & engage individuals in varied opportunities.

    Dedicated Teams

    Dedicated Mentors/Trainers

    Our Objective

    Our skill development programmes at mgsocialcare.org are painstakingly created to enhance the development of people from a wide range of backgrounds by providing them with the critical knowledge required to excel in a variety of sectors and flourish both personally and professionally.

    Our Vision

    Well-defined vision of changing the attitude of our society , specially among women, differently abled, senior citizens, transgenders in their relations, employment , freedom and the overall space they deserve

    We Are here for you

    Unlocking Potential, Transforming Lives

    Empowering Communities Through Skill Training 🌟At MG Social Care, we believe in the transformative power of skill development! 🚀

    Empowering Lives, Enriching Communities

    Art and Craft Skill Training

    Training Sessions

    We empower individuals and communities with proper skill training, funding , marketing and sales of the products they make .

    Helping the underprivileged

    We are trying our best to helping the underprivileged to bring about a significant difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate.

    Interactive Session

    Interactive Sessions

    We conduct interactive sessions among individuals ( age 18 and above) who are looking out for some business opportunities through skill training.

    Skill Training on Arts & Crafts

    Skill Training to Artisans

    Skill training to artisans to provide them with sustainable livelihoods and at the same time promote and protect India's rich legacy of arts and crafts.

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    Empowering Futures: Skill Development Workshops for the Underprivileged Nationwide by MGsocialcare.org: Contact us for more info

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    Create, Nurture & Empower We create opportunities for many through skill training - especially for women, Sr citizens, transgenders & differently-abled

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    MGSocialCare.org provides people from all walks of life with business and empowerment opportunities through varied skill training programs.

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