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    Meet our Mentor - Mamta Singh Deo

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    Meet our Mentor: Mamta Singh Deo

    Meet our Mentor Mamta Singh Deo

    Empowering Lives: Mamta Singh Deo's Journey from a Corporate Professional to Social Entrepreneur

    Within the ever-changing realm of entrepreneurship, there exist narratives that motivate and arouse a feeling of direction. With more than 20 years of expertise in both HR and law, Mamta Singh Deo is an accomplished professional who has made a stunning transition from the corporate world to being a social worker. Her path is a tale of societal impact and empowerment in addition to personal achievement.

    A Shift from Corporate to Social Entrepreneurship

    Mamta made the brave decision to leave her successful corporate career behind in 2014 in order to follow a more fulfilling calling. She entered the fields of social work and entrepreneurship driven by her desire for social change. Her revolutionary journey towards generating possibilities for others began with this decision.


    Bamboo Exhibition Ranchi Mamta exploring the scope of growth of Bamboo Handicrafts and Bamboo artisans at a Bamboo Exhibition held in Ranchi

    soap making workshop Mamta (extreme right) at a soap making workshop for empowerment of women at Sultanpur Village, Delhi NCR

    Empowering Women: Work from Home Jobs

    The creation of a platform devoted to giving women opportunity to work from home was one of Mamta’s innovative projects. Acknowledging the difficulties encountered by several brilliant people in search of flexible work schedules, Mamta’s platform served as a link between qualified women and remote employment prospects. This helped women break down barriers in the workplace and empowered them to manage work and personal obligations.

    Fostering Women Entrepreneurs: Handmade Business Opportunities

    Mamta also had an idea for a platform that would support female entrepreneurs that make handcrafted goods. Mamta started this project in 2015 with the goal of providing a platform for talented craftspeople to display their abilities and develop their passions into successful businesses. This program recognized the richness of handcrafted handicraft while simultaneously advancing women’s economic freedom.

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    Director and Mentor at MGSocialCare.org

    Mamta’s commitment to social empowerment is shown in her position as MGSocialCare.org’s Director and Mentor. Mamta’s dedication to using skill training to improve impoverished communities is demonstrated by this organization. The mission of MGSocialCare.org is to provide people from underprivileged backgrounds with the necessary skills to enter the workforce and pursue work and business.

    Vision for the Future

    The life of Mamta Singh Deo is a living example of the transformational potential of social responsibility combined with enterprise. Her goals for the future include reaching more people, making a lasting difference in communities, and growing the reach of MGSocialCare.org.

    In Mamta’s view, entrepreneurship is about changing the world, not just about getting money. She has sowed the seeds of constructive transformation and opened doors for economic empowerment through her activities. Mamta Singh Deo is a remarkable person who serves as a constant reminder to us all that corporate success may have a significant positive impact on society.

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