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    Art & Crafts Revival

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    Arts & Crafts Revival

    Embracing the Arts and Crafts Revival in India

    We at MGsocialcare.org are committed to using skill-training programs to revitalize and celebrate India’s rich legacy of arts and crafts. Our goal is to empower artisans and craftsman and preserve the cultural relevance of traditional art forms like as bamboo crafts, Madhubani paintings, Dokra art, Phulkari etc by bringing them back to life.

    art and craft revival
    Skill Training on Arts & Crafts

    Transforming Lives, Preserving Arts

    India's Art and Crafts Revival, where tradition meets innovation, and creativity sparks a cultural rebirth

    Our organization's mission is to preserve and revive traditional Indian arts and crafts while providing a platform for artisans and enthusiasts to connect, thrive, interact and grow.

    Our skill training programs

    At MGsocialcare.org, we provide skill training initiatives to create sustainable livelihoods for artisans, and at the same time strive to revive the Arts and Crafts in India.

    What we do?

    At MGsocialcare.org, we showcase the beauty and craftsmanship of Indian arts and crafts through various initiatives:

    Artisan Profiles: Explore the lives and works of gifted craftspeople from around India with our Artisan Profiles. Find more about their methods of creation, the cultural forces that shaped them, and the relevance of their work in the modern world.

    Skill Training Workshops : We conduct skill training workshops time to time to empower individuals by resurrecting age-old crafts. This promotes a cultural renaissance, preserves traditional artistry, and fosters self-reliance. Training people how to do make historical crafts gives them the know-how and self-assurance to preserve their legacy while creating new opportunities for self development.

    Educational Resources: Get access to articles, lessons, and videos about traditional Indian arts and crafts. Discover the background, methods, and cultural significance of the several art forms that are practiced in India.

    Marketplace without middlemen: We remove the concept of middle men for the art and craft promotion process. We give direct recognition to our artisans and give them their dues that are rightfully their own. We aim to create a more equitable and sustainable environment for both economic empowerment and cultural expression.

    Community Engagement: We try to connect with art enthusiasts, collectors, and like-minded people, organizations who share an appreciation for Indian arts and crafts, who are passionate about sustaining the Arts and Crafts Revival in India.

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    We collaborate with experts, volunteers, and partners to ensure the success and effectiveness of these varied skill training programs under the ambit of MG SocialCare Foundation.

    Skill Training

    Create, Nurture & Empower We create opportunities for many through skill training - especially for women, Sr citizens, transgenders & differently-abled

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    MGSocialCare.org provides people from all walks of life with business and empowerment opportunities through varied skill training programs.

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