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    Skills in Demand in Rural India

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    Skills in Demand in Rural India

    There are various skills that are required in rural areas that have been providing livelihoods to many individuals and communities and can also lead to emerging employment opportunities. Since there is a scarcity of readily available workforce for a plethora of services, individuals often have to rely on their own knowledge and understanding to get by. At MG SocialCare, we focus on equipping individuals in rural communities with skills that can help increase their awareness and secure a source of income using these skills in the future. Here we have a potpourri of a few traditional and modern skills that are of utmost importance in a rural setting in today’s day and age.

    Skill in Demand in Rural Areas

    Agriculture and Food Processing

    A large sect of India’s rural population relies on the agricultural industry for their livelihood. Farming skills and tools are important for the permanence of the agriculture community that sustains India. Knowledge and resources regarding the increase of crop production using tools and technology is also highly valuable in rural settings. Rural areas are often known for their naturally processed foods such as pickles(achar), poppadoms(papad), fruit leathers (aam papad), etc. The skill to process food items such as these is necessary for the survival of some rural communities. 

    Digital Literacy

    With the introduction of mobile phones in India’s rural population, many opportunities have opened up for individuals belonging to rural communities. Conduction of small businesses, trades, and transactions can be easily facilitated with the aid of digital resources. Readily available online schemes and services such as Government portals can be accessed by individuals who can use a mobile phone and possess awareness regarding these welfare schemes.

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    Financial Literacy

    Rural communities often lack valuable financial education. Awareness and skill training regarding how to manage individual finances can prove to be highly beneficial for economic growth and individual financial freedom. Financial schemes and policies can empower rural communities as they begin to understand where money can be ‘stored’ and invested for the best returns. Succession planning knowledge can also aid local entrepreneurs and businesses rooted in rural settings.

    Local Handicrafts

    Handicrafts stemming from local rural areas such as weaving, pottery, idol making, block printing, glass work, embroidery, metal working, etc. are chief sources of livelihood for many communities. More often than not, entire villages are employed in making these traditional handicrafts that are still of high relevance today. Skill training is necessary to continue producing and improving these local products so that they can endure the test of time. Our organisation provides skill trainings in various such disciplines to facilitate the source of income for marginalised communities in rural settings.


    Residential buildings, public infrastructure, Government projects, etc. all engage construction workers. Construction work employs a large rural workforce requiring skills such as masonry, usage of heavy machinery, welding, painting etc. These skills combined with high physical endurance are crucial for the livelihood of workers.


    The aforementioned disciplines include industries that currently employ a vast rural workforce. With the addition of financial and digital literacy, these areas can provide higher economic stability and financial security to rural communities. Awareness and adaptation to new tools and technology can result in higher returns with a similar investment of resources, providing much needed economic growth to rural communities in India.

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