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    Celebrating Excellence:
    Smriti Bhatia Receives Balika Vidya Shakti Award
    for Outstanding Social Work

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    Within the field of social work, there are those whose unwavering devotion and passion are evident, positively impacting the lives of others. One such person is Smriti Bhatia, the director and mentor of mgsocialcare.org. She has recently received recognition for her outstanding services to society from the Aarambham Foundation with the esteemed Balika Vidya Shakti Award.

    Eco-Friendly Trophies Crafted by Etikoppaka Artisans

    Smriti Bhatia has been recognized with an award, certificate and trophy as a special token of gratitude in the form of environmentally friendly trophies made with natural colors by the highly regarded Etikoppaka artisans from the state of Andhra Pradesh. Beyond just acknowledgment, these awards serve as a symbol of Smriti Bhatia’s dedication to sustainability and the preservation of traditional workmanship.


    The Endangered Art of Etikoppaka

    With a long history spanning several centuries, etikoppaka craftsmanship is  valued in our cultural legacy. Globally, art aficionados have been enthralled with the elaborate designs and painstaking skills exhibited by Etikoppaka artists. But because to a number of issues, including a lack of knowledge and respect among the younger generation, this centuries-old craft is currently in danger of going extinct.

    Challenges Faced by Etikoppaka Artisans

    Traditional art forms like Etikoppaka have faced tremendous difficulties from modernization and globalization. Demand for handmade artisanal goods declines as mass-produced substitutes frequently eclipse the artistry and originality of traditional art. The livelihoods of Etikoppaka artists have been damaged by this shift in consumer preferences, which poses a threat to the longevity of their craft.

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    Smriti Bhatia’s Impact and Recognition

    She has been recognised for her commitment to humanitarian concerns with the Balika Vidya Shakti Award, which is a testimonial to her hard work and dedication.

    While we celebrate Smriti Bhatia’s accomplishments, let us also consider how crucial it is to protect sustainable practices and our cultural legacy. We can guarantee the survival of traditional crafts for future generations by acknowledging and assisting these artisans. 

    In conclusion, Smriti Bhatia’s achievement of winning the Balika Vidya Shakti Award is not only a just reward, but also a reminder of the ability of one person to have a significant impact on society. She has not only improved the lives of people by her exceptional work and dedication, but she has also brought attention to how crucial it is to protect our cultural heritage and advance sustainability. Let’s celebrate her accomplishments and work together to build a more promising and welcoming future for everybody.

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